Today I learned...

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... about the most important new features in ECMAScript 2020.

... that Twitter, Flickr, OSM and others use a thing called WOEID "Yahoo Where On Earth IDentifier" but currently there seems to be no possibility to generate your own.

... that nowadays you have to register with Twitter to be able to create an App with their API.

... that WordPress' Gutenberg editor is better than I thought after I got more familiar with it.

... about "keen", a new experimental tool by Google to find interesting things.

.. that there's a Unicode character called "Word Joiner" that has zero width and prevents word breaking (props @aelurotheist).

... that it's not called "IndexDB" but "IndexedDB" (with an "ed").

... that IndexDB is somewhat complicated to use.

... that I have to use the web-ext package to develop a Firefox addon.

... that perry is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented pears, similar to cider made from apples.

... that people start looking for alternatives as soon as something becomes too trendy.

... that it's not easy to write a good introduction for a technical blog post.